Cleaner Dishes with Finish Dishwasher Cleaner and DIY Storage Ideas

This shop about #SparklySavings has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. How frustrating is it when I have loaded the dishwasher, emptied it and then the kids go to grab a glass and put it right back into the dishwasher because it is not clean?  This has been the norm at our house until now and  our dishes have been cleaner by using Finish Dishwasher Cleaner.



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Flavorful Pumpkin Bread Recipe using Beer

Fall and pumpkins are synonymous this time of year. I was so thrilled to find a can of pumpkin in my cupboard just waiting to be opened this fall. I googled a few pumpkin bread recipes and found one on Cookinglight .com that was not only low in fat but had an ingredient I had never thought to use before, beer. Don’t worry about feeding this to your kids, the alcohol gets burned off in the oven.


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Fall recipes and Fall Crafts Friday Frenzy Party 9/19

Hope everyone had a great week and everyone is settling into their fall schedules. I know I am busier than ever with a few preschool classes and tennis starting back up I need my kids in school just a few more hours. I just started getting fall recipes in the kitchen with some Chocolate Banana bread recipes as well as Halloween Decor.   I can not wait to see what fall recipes and Fall crafts you have been so busily making at your homes.  Have a great weekend.

 photo FridayFrenzy_zpsaac0d45b.jpg
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How you should take care of houseplants in the winter

How should you take care of a houseplant during winter months is brought to you from one of our sponsors.
If you have plants in your home they will generally require different care at different times of the year. The care required will depend on where the plant is in its natural cycle; is it growing and blooming or is it in a dormant state?
Not all plants bloom and grow at the same time of the year; you need to check the details for each individual plant when you purchase it. However, the majority of houseplants have their period of growth in spring and summer with winter being the dormant time of the year.

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Newmans Own Organics Giveaway

I had posted recently about some healthy after school snack choices and wanted to share a full line of products that you can’t go wrong with, Newman’s Own Organics products are just that organic and they offer gluten-free products as well.  Now you don’t have to say no to your favorite snack foods, just look for Newman’s Own Organics.  Many of you might be questioning the flavor…


 newman's own organics giveaway

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Relief for Sensitive Teeth with Crest Sensi-Stop Strips

This post about relief for sensitive teeth is sponsored by SheSpeaks/Crest. I can say I have never had braces but I have made up with dental work in my life.  I have inherited sensitive teeth and a cavity friendly mouth.  Do you cringe every time you want to take a sip from a cold drink or maybe the thought of ice cream worries you?  Outside of pulling all the nerves from your mouth there is a new product from Crest that promises relief.  I was able to try Crest Sensi-Stop Strips and put it to the test.

sensitive-teeth relief

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Vote Now to Help Kids Have More Fun – One Playspace at a Time

Although school has started and so has homework, we need to allow our kids a chance to play.  It was so easy when they were young to snag a few friends and head to a playground for an hour.  Now kids want to be on the computer or are so overwhelmed with school work that they don’t have the time.  Some people don’t even have  a playspace in their neighborhoods where they can take young children. Keep reading to see how you can help kids have more fun in their own local playground.

source: Claritin FB page

As parents, we spend a lot of time discovering creative ways to nurture our children’s curiosity. Luckily, being outdoors provides the perfect landscape, fueling young imaginations and creating endless possibilities for exploration, discovery and creativity. Children’s Claritin hopes to inspire parents to create innovative play spaces in their backyards, and communities.

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Halloween Costumes for Dogs

disclosureI know it feels Halloween is so far away now but every time I head out for Halloween Costumes they are always picked over.  I am not talking just about the kids, but you might want to buy Halloween Costumes for your pets as well.  PetSmart has a wide selection of Halloween Costumes for Dogs this year, some old favorites and a several new looks to show off your pup while you are trick or treating.  PetSmart has styles from Disney, Martha Stewart Pets, Bret Michaels Pets Rock and more!


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Ultimate Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe

I am no stranger to banana bread recipes.  In fact I am not sure I make the same one unless I want to make a quick batch and not worrying about blogging about the recipe.  However, I think I have found the ultimate chocolate Banana Bread Recipe and may never try a new one again.  (we’ll see right)  I was going thru some old magazines and found this banana-chocolate bread and as a result I might just buy more bananas than my family normally eats just for an excuse to make this quick bread.


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Protect your kids hearing with ETYKids ear phones.


How many road trips have we taken when I can hear the game the kids are playing louder than the radio.  Did I mention that they have their ear phones in.  Or can you hear your kids music from the backseat when  and you thought they are using headphones or earphones? Just how much can you argue while you are driving? I know this is such a bad habit for kids and dangerous for their hearing.  So how can you protect your kids hearing when almost everything they use these days have sound?


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