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Secret Recipe Club–Pumpkin Apple Quick Break

Secret Recipe Club

It is that time of month again to reveal our Secret Recipe Club recipe. This month.  This month my assigned blog was Peanut Butter and Peppers.  Jennifer, the author, focuses on Food, Fitness and health, so many of her recipes are full of ingredients you should be proud to feed your family.

You has a wonderful picture recipe index so you can easily scroll through and find an appetizing photo of one her recipes.  I chose the Pumpkin Apple Bread.

I was thrilled as the kids had started back to school and fall will be here soon.  Unfortunately my family was not a big fan.  I guess they are used to a little sweeter quick bread, my fault!  It has some great ingredients like oats and fresh apples.  I added chocolate chips to one batch, as I doubled the recipe too.

Make sure you store this in the fridge to keep fresh!  I will definitely go back to Peanut Butter and Peppers for more recipes in the future as she has plenty to view.

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